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It is narrated that Ali (a.s.) used to recite this blessed supplication during the first ten days of Zilhajj. He used to say that if one recites the supplication: ‘Laa ilaaha illallaahu a’dadal layaalee wadduhoori laa ilaaha illallaahu a’dada amwaajil buh’oori laa ilaaha illallaahu wa rah’matuhu khairum mimmaa yaj-maoo’na laa ilaaha illallaahu a’dadash shauki wash shajari laa ilaaha illallaaha illallaahu a’dadash sha’ri wal wabari laa ilaaha illallaahu a’dadal h’ajari wal madari laa ilaaha illallaahu a’dada lamh’il u’yooni laa ilaaha illallaahu fil laili idhaa a’s-a’s wa fis’ s’ub-h’i idhaa tanaffasa laa ilaaha illallaahu a’dadar riyaah’i fil baraariyyi was’ s’ukhoori laa ilaaha illallaahu minal yaumi ilaa yaumi yunfakhu fis’ s’oor’ ten times during these ten days the Almighty Allah would reward him a rank equaling pearls and rubies in Paradise for each Tahleel. There would be a distance equal to that of traveling a hundred years on a fast vehicle between each rank. There would be a city on each level having a castle made of precious stone and those cities won’t be cut off from each other. They would have surrounding walls, forts, high-rises, houses, wives, beds, Hoorul Ein, food laid on tables, servants, rivers, trees, ornaments and dresses. No one can describe them. When that person comes out of grave, each and every hair on his body would be illuminated and seventy thousand angels would surround him and walk with him till the door of Paradise. When this person enters Paradise, the angels would follow him until they reach the city, whose outer appearance would be like that of a ruby and it would be like green emerald from inside. It will have all sorts of things created by Allah in Paradise. When they reach here, he would be told, “O loved one of Allah! Do you know which city is this and what all things it has?” He would reply, “I don’t know but who are you?” They would say, “We are angels. When you recited Laa ilaaha illallaah in the world, we saw you and this city along with the servants is for you. You would be given a better reward from the Almighty Allah. You will see in Darus Salaam, the neighborhood of Allah what He has given you. You will see that this reward would never be taken back.” The narrator says that one must recite this supplication much so that one is rewarded more.
Amir al-Mu'minin Imām ‘Alī ibn Abī Tālib (a.s.)
Sawab al-A`amal, Page 108/109

It is narrated that there was a rich man. When he saw the moon of Zilhajj, he observed fast on the next day. When this news reached the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.), he called that person and asked, “Why did you observe fast on that day?” He replied, “May my parents be sacrificed on you, these are the days of Mash-a’r and Hajj. I hope Allah includes me also in their prayers.” “You will get the reward of freeing a slave, sacrificing a hundred camels and carrying the load on a hundred horses in the way of Allah for each fast. When Yaum-e-Tarweeya (8th Zilhajj) arrives you will get the reward of freeing a thousand slaves, sacrificing a thousand camels and carrying load in the way of Allah on a thousand horses. You will get the reward of freeing two thousand slaves, sacrificing two thousand camels and carrying load in the way of Allah on two thousand horses for the fast of the day of Arafah. All these are compensation for the sins of sixty years before and after it, in your life."
Holy Prophet Muhammad al Mustafā (s.a.w.w.)
Sawab al-A`amal, Page 109/110

“One who fasts on the first day of Zilhajj Almighty Allah would note down the reward of the fasts of eighty months for him. If he observes fast for nine days Allah would note the reward of fasts of an age for him.”
Imām Mūsā ibn Ja‘far al-Kāżim (a.s.)
Sawab al-A`amal, Page 110

“The fast on the day of Tarweeya is a compensation for sins committed in a year and the fast on the day of Arafah is a compensation for sins committed in two years.”
Imām Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sādiq (a.s.)
Sawab al-A`amal, Page 110