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“A person will remain in Hell for seventy Kharif and one Kharif is equal to seventy years. However if he says, ‘O Lord! Have mercy on me for the sake of Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) and his progeny’ Allah will order Jibraeel (a.s.) to go down and grant salvation to him. Jibraeel (a.s.) will ask, ‘How should I get down in fire?’ Allah will say: I have ordered it to remain cool for you and you will not be harmed. Jibraeel (a.s.) will ask, ‘O Lord! Tell me where is that servant of Yours?’ Allah will say that he is in the well of Sijjil. Jibraeel (a.s.) will go there and remove him from fire. Allah will ask, ‘O slave of Mine! For how long did you remain there?’ He will reply, ‘O Lord! It is not possible for me to estimate it’. Allah will swear by His Honor and say: I would have kept you in Hell in the same state if you hadn’t prayed to Me in this way. I have made it obligatory for Myself to forgive any number of sins of one who supplicates in the name of Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) and his progeny just like I forgave you this day.”
Imām Muhammad ibn ‘Alī al-Baqir (a.s.)
Sawab al-A`amal, Page 202