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The narrator went to Imam Husain (a.s.) along with his cousin to greet him. After greeting him and inquiring about his health, the cousin said, “I can see dye applied on your hair. Are your hairs turning white?” Imam (a.s.) replied, “Yes it is the dye which I have applied. We, the Hashemites turn old soon.” Then Imam glanced at the narrator and asked, “Have you come for my help?” The narrator replied, “I have become aged and turned old. I have huge loans on my head and I have a large family. I am also having the things of other people with me kept as trust. I don’t know what will happen to me if I go with you? I don’t want to deprive so many people of their trust.” The cousin also gave similar excuses for not accompanying the Imam (a.s.). Upon this, Imam (a.s.) told them, “Go away from this place as if you have not heard me asking for help because one who hears an Imam asking for help and turns a deaf ear, will be thrown headlong into Hell.”
Imām Husayn ibn ‘Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib (a.s.)
Iqbal al-A`amal, page 326/327