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Holy Qu’ran >> Surah 36 - Ya Sin

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“Indeed everything has a heart and the heart of Quran is Surah Yasin. One who recites it before going to bed or any part of the day would remain safe during that day and get earnings from Allah. One who recites it before going to bed at night; the Almighty Allah would appoint seventy angels to protect him from the mischief of Satan and all sorts of calamities. If he dies the next day Allah would make him enter Paradise and thirty thousand angels would be present at the time of ritual bath of his dead body. They would repent for him and pray for his forgiveness and they would accompany him till his burial in the grave. Angels would enter the grave before he is laid down in it and worship over there and the reward of this worship would be given to him. His grave would be expanded for a distance as further as an eye can see. He would remain safe from squeeze of the grave and an illuminated light would emerge from his grave till the heaven. This light would remain till the time Allah takes him out of his grave. When he would be resurrected from his grave, he would be speaking to angels, his face would be happy and they would give him good news at every stage till they pass through the Sirat Bridge and Mizan. The angels would take him so near to Allah that none except the nearest angels and prophets have been there. He would stand in front of Allah with the prophets. While others will be sorrowful and troubled, he would have no sorrow, trouble or a difficulty. Allah would tell him, ‘Do intercession of whomsoever you want. I will accept your intercession and ask for whatever you want. I will grant you’. He will get whatever he desires and if he does intercession for a person it would be accepted while others would have to give account of their deeds. They would have been stopped and being disgraced but there would be no accounting for this person. No one will stop him and there would be no disgrace for him. He won’t face bad fortune for any of his deeds. His scroll of deeds would be opened and given to him. When he would come down after meeting Allah, people would utter Sub-h’aanallaah on seeing him. They would say, “There is no sin to the name of this servant and he will get the company of Muhammad (s.a.w.s.).”
Imām Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sādiq (a.s.)
Sawab al-A`amal, Page 152/153

For one who recites Yasin once in his lifetime Allah writes for him virtues million times more than the number of Allah’s creatures that are in this world and would be in the heavens on the Day of Judgment, and the same number of his sins would be forgiven and that man would not be afflicted with poverty and sorrow: he would be safe from death by being buried under debris, misfortune, insanity and doubts and from every such illness that might give him pain, and Allah would make the pangs of death and its fear easy and light; and at the time of departure of the soul, Allah would be his Helper while for one whose helper is Allah there is generous livelihood in this world while in the next there would be happiness and pleasure before Allah and also a great reward. When he meets his Lord in the Hereafter, Allah would say to all the angels that exist in skies and the earth that I am happy and satisfied with such and such a man, so O angels, all of you seek forgiveness for this man.
Imām Muhammad ibn ‘Alī al-Baqir (a.s.)
Sawab al-A`amal, Page 154