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Akhlaq >> Rajab al Murajab

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“Nuh (a.s.) boarded his ark on the first of Rajab and ordered his companions to fast on that day. He said that Hell goes away to a distance of one year from one who fasts on this day. One who fasts for seven days all the seven doors of Hell would be closed for him. One who fasts for eight days all eight doors of Paradise would be opened for him. One who fasts for fifteen days would have his problems solved. One who fasts for more than this Allah, the Mighty and Sublime would grant him a greater reward.
Imām Mūsā ibn Ja‘far al-Kāżim (a.s.)
Sawab al-A`amal, Page 84/85

“Rajab is a river of Paradise whiter than milk and sweeter than honey. One who observes one fast in the month of Rajab, Allah, the Mighty and Sublime would satisfy him with this river.”
Imām Mūsā ibn Ja‘far al-Kāżim (a.s.)
Sawab al-A`amal, Page 85

“Rajab is a glorious month. Allah doubles good deeds and wipes the sins in this month. One who observes one fast in Rajab, Hell would go away from him to a distance of a year and Paradise would be made obligatory on one who fasts for three days.”
Holy Prophet Muhammad al Mustafā (s.a.w.w.)
Sawab al-A`amal, Page 85

“Know that Rajab is a great month of Allah. It is called Asam because there is no month so dear and excellent for Allah except this. It was respected even during the time of ignorance. When Islam arrived, it too increased the greatness and excellence of this month. Know that Rajab is the month of Allah, Shaban is my month and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah. Know that if a faithful person fasts seeking reward from Allah he has gained lots of pleasure of Allah. The fast of that person would end the anger of Allah upon him; a door of Hell would be closed for him. The reward of this fast with pure intention is better than giving an earth filled with gold as charity. No object in this world can make his reward complete except good deeds. As soon as night falls, Allah would fulfill his ten wishes. If he prays for worldly life his prayers would be accepted. One who prays for His friends, lovers and chosen people, Allah would accept his prayers. One who observes two fasts in the month of Rajab nothing in the earth and heavens can imagine the greatness of that person. He would get the reward of a truthful person who has never lied in his whole life-time. He would appear on the Day of Judgment in the similar state. That person would do intercession of others along with other truthful people till they all enter Paradise and settle down with those truthful persons. One who fasts for three days in Rajab, Allah would erect a barrier between him and Hell whose distance would be equal to travel of seventy years. Allah would say at the time of Iftar, ‘You have right upon Me and My love for you has become obligatory. O angels! I hold you witness that I have forgiven his sins from start till the end’. One who fasts for four days in the month of Rajab, he will remain safe from calamities like the evils of Jinns, leprosy, leucoderma, mischief of Dajjal and the punishment of grave. He would get the reward of wise persons who repent. He would be handed over the scroll of deeds in his right hand and made to stand in the first row of worshippers. One who fasts for five days in the month of Rajab it is the duty of Allah to please him on the Day of Judgment. His face would be shinning like the full moon when he is resurrected on the Day of Judgment. Rewards equal to the number of grains of sand would be written for him and he would be made to enter Paradise without any accounting. He would be given choice to ask whatever he wants from Allah. One who fasts for six days in the month of Rajab, his face would be brighter than sun when he is resurrected on the Day of Judgment. Apart from this, he would be given extra light, which would light up all those gathered on that day. He would be gathered along with protected people and would pass through the Sirat Bridge without any accounting. His sins as great as disobeying parents and breaking relations will be forgiven. One who fasts for seven days in the month of Rajab, Allah would close all seven doors of Hell for him and prohibit the fire of Hell for his body. One who fasts for eight days in the month of Rajab, Allah would open all eight doors of Paradise for him one by one and he would be given choice to enter Paradise from whichever door he wishes. One who fasts for nine days in Rajab would come out of his grave saying Laa ilaaha illallaah and would not see anything except Paradise. The light of his face would brighten the people gathered on that day and people would think of him as a prophet. The minimum reward given to him at that time is entrance to Paradise without any accounts. One who fasts for ten days in Rajab would be given two emerald wings decorated by illuminating pearls and rubies. He would enter Paradise flying over the Sirat Bridge with the help of these wings. He would be counted among the just and dear ones of Allah. He is like one who prayed for a hundred years with the pure intention of seeking reward from Allah. One who fasts for eleven days in Rajab, there would be no one greater in front of Allah than him except one who has fasted more than him. One who fasts for twelve days in Rajab would be made to wear two dresses of brocade and silk. If one of those dresses is brought to this world it would illuminate the world from east to west and scent the world with fragrance better than musk. One who observes thirteen fasts in Rajab, a table would be spread under the shade of the Divine throne and a number of eatables would be laid on it for him. The span of this table would be seventy times the area of this earth. Trays made of brocade and rubies will be laid on it. Every tray would have seventy thousand types of eatables each having distinct aroma and color. That person would have food from this table while others would be involved in a great difficulty. One who fasts for fourteen days in Rajab, Allah would grant him huge palaces made of pearls and rubies of such kind that eyes have neither seen nor ears heard about nor can a human mind imagine them. One who fasts for fifteen days in Rajab would stand at the place of faithful people. Every angel, messenger and apostle passing by him would say, ‘Congratulations, for you are in peace, near to Allah, honest, fortunate and happy and would rest in gardens’. One who fasts for sixteen days in Rajab would be among those who are first to ride upon the vehicles of bright light. He would fly from Paradise to the door of Mercy in these vehicles. One who observes seventeen fasts in Rajab, seventy thousand lamps would be illuminated for him at the Sirat Bridge so that he enters Paradise passing the bridge in the light of these lamps. Angels would welcome him saying, ‘Well done’ and ‘Peace be upon you’. One who fasts for eighteen days in Rajab would be given a place on the thrones made of pearls and rubies in the Minaret of Ibrahim in Paradise. One who fasts for nineteen days in the month of Rajab, Almighty Allah would construct a palace of pearls for him facing the palaces of Adam (a.s.) and Ibrahim (a.s.). He would salute them and they too would salute him and respect his position. He would be given the reward of a thousand fasts for each fast. One who observes fast for twenty days in Rajab it is as if he has worshipped Allah for a thousand years. One who fasts for twenty-one days in Rajab, on the Day of Judgment he would get to intercede for people numbering the sinners of Rabi and Mudhir tribes. One who fasts for twenty-two days in Rajab a caller would give call from heaven, ‘O friend of Allah! There are glad-tidings for you. There is great honor for you in Allah’s eyes. You are friend of prophets, truthful ones, martyrs and the virtuous upon whom Allah has revealed His bounties and mercy. They are your best friends’. One who fasts for twenty-three days in Rajab a call would be given from heaven, ‘O slave of Allah! You are fortunate. You have taken less pain and you are getting much more benefit. The veil is taken off from you. You are rewarded greatly by your Lord. You will be a neighbor of Khaleel (Prophet Ibrahim) in Darus Salaam. One who observes fast for twenty-four days in Rajab the Angel of death would come to him in the form of a handsome youth wearing a green brocade dress mounted on a green horse of Paradise. He would be holding a golden cup decorated with a green silk more fragrant than musk filled with the pure wine of Paradise. He would make that person drink that wine while taking his soul away. The difficulties at death-bed would be eased for him and his soul would be wrapped in green silk. Such a sweet fragrance would come out if it that all the inhabitants of seven heavens would be scented with it. He would remain satisfied in his grave as well as when he would be resurrected until he reaches the cistern of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.). One who fasts for twenty-five days in Rajab would be surrounded by seventy thousand angels, each holding an umbrella made of pearls and rubies when he is resurrected from the grave. They would have ornaments and excellent dresses. They would say, ‘O dear one of Allah! Let us go to Him soon’. Then he would go to Paradise first along with the dear ones of Allah. Indeed it is a great success. One who fasts for twenty-six days in Rajab the Almighty Allah would build a hundred palaces of pearls and rubies under the shade of His throne. There would be a tent made of red silk of Paradise in front of each palace. While people would be busy in accounting of their deeds, this person would rest over here peacefully. One who observes fast for twenty-seven days in Rajab, the Almighty Allah will expand his grave to the distance covered in four hundred years and the whole area would be fragranced with Amber and Musk. One who fasts for twenty-eight days in Rajab Allah would create a distance of nine barriers between him and the fire of Hell. The width of each barrier is equal to the distance covered in five hundred years between the earth and heaven. For a person who fasts for twenty-nine days in Rajab Allah would forgive him even if he would have robbed every man on the order of an unjust or even if she is a woman who has been unchaste seventy times. One who fasts for thirty days in the month of Rajab a caller would call out, ‘O slave of Allah! Your past sins are forgiven. Your deeds can have a new beginning’. Allah would grant him all the gardens and every garden would have forty thousand cities. Every city would have forty palaces and every palace would have forty thousand houses and every house will have forty thousand dining tables and every dining table would have forty thousand dishes and every dish would have forty thousand types of cuisines each having a distinct color and aroma. Every house will have forty thousand golden thrones and the span of those thrones would be equal to two thousand hands. A virgin Hoorul Ein would be seated on each throne having three hundred thousand dazzling hair on their heads and each lock of hair would be held by one thousand slave-girls who will be scenting it with musk and amber so that the person who fasted during Rajab comes near her. All this is for the person who fasted for the whole month of Rajab.” Someone asked, “O Messenger of Allah! What should a person do who is not able to observe fast for the whole month due to weakness, menstruation or some other reason?” The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said, “They should give food to poor as charity. I swear by Him in Whose control is my life that they would get much more than what I have said if they give charity daily. All the creatures of this earth and the heavens cannot even estimate one-tenth of the reward, which that person would get in Paradise.” Someone asked, “O Messenger of Allah! What should a person do who is not able to pay charity also?” The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said, “He should recite the following Tasbeeh of Allah a hundred times daily for thirty days in the month of Rajab: ‘Sub-h’aanal ilaahil jaleeli sub-h’aana mallaa yambaghit tasbeeh’u illaa lahu sub-h’aanal a-a’zzil akrami sub-h’aana mallabisal i’zza wahuwa lahu ahl’.
Imām Alī ibn Mūsā al-Rezā (a.s.)
Sawab al-A`amal, Page 85/86/87/88/89/90/91

“The Almighty Allah appointed Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) as His Apostle after three nights of the month of Rajab had passed. Hence observing fast on this day has reward equal to fasting seventy years.” Saad bin Abdullah says that according to our elders, there is a mistake and the real saying is that Allah appointed him as apostle when three nights were left in the month of Rajab.
Imām Muhammad ibn ‘Alī al-Baqir (a.s.)
Sawab al-A`amal, Page 91