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Allah makes it obligatory for the people to refer to the Ahlul Bayt (a.s.). He orders in the Holy Quran: “So ask the followers of the Reminder if you do not know.”
Allāh (s.w.t.)
Greater Sins Vol 1, Part 2, page 43; Surah Nahl 16:43

Mamun interjected, “Can you support your claim with the Quranic proof?” The Imam said, “Yes, Zikr means the Holy Prophet and we are his people (Ahl). To prove my point I quote the following ayat: “O (those) who believe! Allah has indeed revealed to you a reminder (zikr), an apostle who recites to you the clear communications of Allah.”
Imām Alī ibn Mūsā al-Rezā (a.s.)
Greater Sins Vol 1, Part 2, page 43; Surah Talaq 65:10-11

The noble Quran says: “And there is not one of you but shall come to it, this is an unavoidable decree of your Lord. And We will deliver those who guarded (against evil) and We will leave the unjust therein on their knees.”
Allāh (s.w.t.)
Greater Sins Vol 2, The Twenty-Fourth Greater Sin ,page 153; Surah Marium 19:71-72